Wake Up.

Kick Ass.

Be Kind.



At PRESStinely, our paramount purpose is to be a mission-driven boutique consulting firm that partners with authors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, disruptors, and influencers to bring their creative projects to life and create distinct forward-thinking brand identities around their books.



With shared core beliefs - do what is right, strive for excellence, stay ahead of the curve, partner with authors with similar values, and put others’ needs first - PRESStinely was created.
We believe that honesty, integrity, dedication, and respect are the core values needed for success. Our authors are why we love what we do, and we work passionately to ensure their success. Our commitment to excellence is unparalleled. 
PRESStinely is a boutique publishing and marketing firm that partners with authors to create distinct forward-thinking brand identities around their books. We have successfully built three other publishing companies along with PRESStinely, supported over 350 authors, and have mastered all aspects of the publishing industry. Publishing and marketing is our craft, and our authors are our business.
Let PRESStinely show you how we can pave the path to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be to leave a mark on the world.


Kristen Wise, and Maira Pedreira,

Co-Founders, PRESStinely

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge shared

is power multiplied.

- Robert Boyce


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