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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Publishing Consultant

You had an outstanding book idea, and now your manuscript is written. At this point, do you consider yourself a writer or an author? Is there any difference? The answer is YES.

You hold your manuscript close to your heart. You sacrificed time with loved ones and spent countless hours researching and writing your book, and now you are wondering – Now what? How do I turn this manuscript into a book, and how do I publish and market it?

Any writer's first reaction is to find a publisher and sign with them. Then, as you start researching the publishing process, you realize it is not that simple and that you have countless options and combinations ranging from traditional publishing, hybrid/vanity publishing, or independent self-publishing. Now you do not know which way to turn, what the correct answer is, or even where to turn for help.

The stakes are high, and you have to decide the best option for you and your book: the one that will offer you the most valuable resources and tools to get your book in as many readers' hands as possible. The goal is to find the best route for YOUR book, offering you the solutions that best achieve your plans for the book.

This is the point in your journey where you are not simply a writer anymore; you become an author. Charting those waters yourself is a risky endeavor, and this is precisely the moment you should consider hiring an experienced and reputable publishing consultant.

To follow are five reasons why you should have a publishing consultant by your side throughout the entire publishing process:

  1. Publishing consultants are independent service providers that are not committed to book agents or traditional or hybrid publishers. Instead, they are committed to their authors. This service offers an unbiased advisory process that focuses solely on your book goals.

  2. They create specific strategies that will help you see your book from a different perspective which will ultimately expand your target audience and get your book in as many readers' hands as possible.

  3. Having someone assist you throughout the publishing process increases comfort and decreases stress and the fear of failure. A risk-free strategy will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on other tasks that are far more important for your author-brand identity.

  4. Publishing consultants will explain to you what to do and, most importantly, steer you away from what not to do. They have the know-how of the industry and have your best interest at heart. Several decisions during the publishing process are irreversible, and a publishing consultant will guide you in the right direction while ensuring crucial errors are not made.

  5. An average product with great marketing will outsell a great product with bad marketing. Writing the manuscript and turning it into a product is only the start of your publishing journey. Once you have a book ready to be published, publishing consultants will guide you with the best practices and efficient marketing strategies to optimize your visibility, leading to increased book sales and better rankings.


We recommend you consider speaking with a publishing consultant prior to making any decisions on how to publish your book. You are welcome to reach out to us today for a complimentary 30-minute discovery call to answer your questions and to share with you a few valuable publishing tips.

Kristen & Maira


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