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Authors have a choice on how to share their story and use their book as a tool to build their brand while impacting people’s lives. Nowadays, there are so many tools and processes that enable authors to do so much more than before, and PRESStinely has mastered these tools and the publishing craft from the manuscript to the post-launch phase.

PRESStinely performs every publishing task seamlessly through consultation, mentorship, and partnerships with authors that ensure their vision, story, and knowledge are shared with the world successfully.


PRESStinely authors maintain all creative rights, keep 100% of their royalties, and have an actual say in the publishing process while staying free from worry and stress. 


A PRESStinely partnership is ideal for any future author, any author that has already self-published a book, or any author that has published a book with a traditional or vanity publisher. No matter what scenario, PRESStinely is an ideal partner.

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