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We Are PRESStinely


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Who We Are

A mission-driven boutique publishing and marketing firm that partners with authors to create distinctly forward-thinking and inspiring brand identities around their books.

What We Do

​​Self-Publishing, Hybrid & Traditional Partnering

Consulting & Mentoring for Debut and Experienced Authors

Personalized Book Marketing & Book Sales Processes

Social Media Strategy & Growth


Our Approach

To partner with you on your book endeavor by guiding you through the entire publishing process.

To ensure you share your story and message in the best way possible.

To pave your path as an authority by using your book to build a brand and increase your credibility.


To help you impact lives by building a community around your book topic. 


To save you time and money by ensuring that every step of the publishing process is perfected and optimized, avoiding fatal mistakes.


To offer custom designed packages to meet your specific needs.

To provide the vision, skills, and tools necessary to ensure your success as an author.

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What's Being Said
by Basically Everyone

Honest, Caring & Loyal

Well Worth The Investment

Absolutely Spectacular 

Talented & Generous


Phenomenal Team

Impressive and Invaluable

Masters in Publishing

Strongly Recommend

Brilliant, Professional & Kind

Dynamic Duo

A Must Hire Team



At PRESStinely, our paramount purpose is to be a mission-driven boutique consulting firm that works with authors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, disruptors, and creatives to bring their projects to life and develop distinct forward-thinking brand identities around their books, whether it is through a direct partnership or expert guidance through our self-publishing course.


Kristen & Maira

With shared core beliefs - do what is right, strive for excellence, stay ahead of the curve, partner with authors with similar values, and put others’ needs first - PRESStinely was created.


We believe that honesty, integrity, dedication, and respect are the core values needed for success. Our authors are why we love what we do, and we work passionately to ensure their success. Our commitment to excellence is unparalleled. 


PRESStinely is a boutique publishing and marketing firm that partners with authors to create distinct forward-thinking brand identities around their books. We have successfully built three other publishing companies along with PRESStinely, supported over 350 authors, and have mastered all aspects of the publishing industry. Publishing and marketing is our craft, and our authors are our business.


Let PRESStinely show you how we can pave the path to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

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“Working with PRESStinely was one of the best choices that I have made for myself and my career..."


Author, Therapize Yourself

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