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Author, Living Among The Dead


#1 Bestselling Author, The Uncontrolled and A Holo World

“We hired PRESStinely to re-release my teenage son's first book and release and publicize his second book, the sequel. From our very first Zoom meeting with them, we knew this would be the right partnership for us. One of the many things we liked about PRESStinely was the expert advice they offered us while we self-published and retained the rights to his books. They were prompt in responding to our emails, committed to weekly virtual meetings, and knowledgeable about all the "behind the scenes'' work, such as Amazon's algorithms, keyword searches, and descriptions. We always looked forward to our meetings and discussing the progress of his books at each level. We have since recommended Kristen and Maira at PRESStinely to many of our friends and colleagues.”


#1 Bestselling Author, Reflecting In His Presence

“I published my first book in early 2021. Leading up to the release date I would have been lost in a sea of unknowns, unanswered questions, and a lot of frustration if it weren’t for the dedication and attention I received from My PRESStinely team! They were always available and so gracious with the time given to me as they walked me through each step. Not only did I receive excellent professional attention leading up to my release date, the care and directions continued long afterwards. I cannot express enough the confidence I have in PRESStinely. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend them!”


Author, Dismantling The 3rd Dimension

“This lovely duo held my hand through the murky waters of the publishing world and the daunting world of social media. I am forever grateful for their heartfelt guidance and elegant business savvy.”


Author, BE-com-ing Authentically Me

“Having been rejected by about four self-publishers in the UK, who had no interest in the channeled messages and advice of the many Master Teachers and my life story of overcoming all the trauma I had been through, an editor in Canada advised me to use PRESStinely. I knew from the moment I spoke to them that they were right for me. They treat you as a person, not a number, and go through all the hoops of the process with you. It has been a steep learning curve, but I am thankful they were with me each step of the way. Communication on their end is superb. If you have any questions, they will always come back to you in a timely manner. They helped me with the marketing, which scared the heck out of me, but they held my hand and explained everything, understanding full well that it can be overwhelming for someone publishing their first book! They’re a great team, professional, bubbly, and unique in their approach to clients, making them one of a kind in the market – they truly go above and beyond, and I will definitely use them for my upcoming 2nd book.”


#1 Bestselling Author, Lost on the Way

“Working with PRESStinely was an absolute dream. Kristen and Maira brought a level of professionalism, organization, efficiency, and sheer joy to their work that went far and above the call of duty. Not only did we achieve wonderful things together, we had a blast doing it, and our calls were often as joyous and filled with laughter as they were pivotal in moving us ever closer to our goals for my book.


After spending 2.5 years going it alone writing, editing, publishing, and marketing my first book, I just wasn't getting the results I hoped for. I realized I needed some professional help and guidance. Then I stumbled across PRESStinely, and together we achieved more than I could have ever hoped for my first publication. I just wish I had found them 2.5 years sooner! I would have saved endless time and energy and far exceeded the results I could achieve on my own. Not to mention, I would have enjoyed the daunting and stressful process of self-publishing soooooo much more with Kristen and Maira on my team! PRESStinely had a plan and a course of action for every single step in the process, and from editing to layout to marketing, their expertise and love of what they do shined through. Together, we created a book that I feel proud of every single day, and with their help, new readers are discovering it all the time.


Whether you need someone to help you bring that little idea in the back of your head to fruition, or you just need someone to help you carry your book the last 100 yards over the finish line, PRESStinely will get you there, and they'll do it with a passion, joy, and professionalism that will have you believing in your work more than you ever have.”


Author, Sexual Intelligence In Business

“I would like to thank and acknowledge the amazing contributions of my publishing consultants, Kristen Wise and Maíra Pedreira from PRESStinely. Without your guidance and knowledge, I would not have this beautiful product which I’m very proud of. I’m super grateful for your positivity, enthusiasm, passion for publishing, and just seeing your happy, beautiful faces every week. I would say I’ll really miss that, but I’ve been so inspired by the process I’ve got two more books to write. This is just the beginning!”


Author, Cold Kills, Warmth Give Life

“Working with PRESStinely over the last three months has made publishing my book and getting it out to the public very easy. Their support structure within the company managed to produce a very exquisite and eye-catching cover for the book in place of my amateur original idea. They also reviewed the book and provided some very valuable recommendations to make the book flow better.


Kristen and Maira are both very well-versed in their specific work areas in selling books and their advice has always resulted in better sales for the book. They have been very good at keeping me informed of what they are doing and what the book sales are doing, which lets me continue on with working on my next book, knowing the sales are being handled well. PRESStinely has overall been an exceptionally helpful company that performs well and makes my life easier and less stressful. I would recommend them to anyone interested in publishing a book.”


Author, Thirty

“My experience of being a client of Kristen Wise and Maira Pedreira, co-founders of PRESStinely, is they are outstanding and creative professionals in the publishing industry. During the event of writing my first book, THIRTY; A Mother’s Spiritual Journey After Losing Her Child, over a period of eighteen months, their beneficial efforts included being organized, supportive, extremely creative in all aspects of social media promotion, gifted leaders in the publishing industry, and most of all, genuinely compassionate towards my progression as an author. Their financial packages are valued to be worth the level of professional management, including maximum creativity of the highest expectations. I highly recommend their partnership to any amateur or award-winning writer.”


Author, Therapize Yourself

“Working with PRESStinely was one of the best choices that I have made for myself and my career. Taking the leap to self-publish, my first book was big, scary, overwhelming, and vulnerable. I didn't even know the first step to take and had I not teamed up with PRESStinely, I likely never would have taken any steps. Working with Kristen and Maira felt safe and secure, and I like working with two of my best friends. They found a way to make a scary process feel fun and exciting. They pushed me when I needed a push. They reassured me when insecurities popped up. They cheered me on with all of the little wins along the way. PRESStinely broke down the overwhelming process step-by-step and made things feel more manageable even when I had very little time in my schedule. They were available for all of my questions and never led me to feel like a burden. I highly encourage anyone and everyone to work with PRESStinely; you will not regret it, and they will help you build confidence and take the next big step in your career.”


#1 Bestselling Authors, Money Mike & The Gang Series

“PRESStinely is a Godsend! Working with their team has enabled us to become best-selling authors in our Children's books categories. Their work ethic and industry knowledge are top-notch, and their guidance has been a game-changer!”


#1 Bestselling Author, Tight Hip, Twisted Core

Inventor of the Hip Hook, Holistic Physical Therapist

"The team at PRESStinely helped me navigate the process of getting my book to print and online. They possessed so many tips and tricks that I would have NEVER figured out without them. I was able to get the book to market much faster than I could have imagined. It would have taken me at least twice as long without them. As a first time self-publisher, I couldn't have done it without them."


Author, See C. Orville McLeish For All His Published Books

“I met the Kristen and Maira team on an online working platform and decided to partner with them in helping me with marketing my books. They had a fantastic portfolio and track record, so I felt comfortable working with them from day one. 


With over 14 published books and zero marketing experience, I really needed this dynamite marketing duo. They helped to position me for success with trade secrets, recommended improvements, and many invaluable tools and practical advice that resulted in higher than-ever sales for my books. Within the four months of working with them, I sold the most books I have ever sold since becoming a published author years ago, and I continue to sell books. I highly recommend them for your book marketing needs, and I know I will be working with them in the future. Hopefully, by then, I will get through the long list of assignments and practical implementations that I was advised to do :-)”


International Bestselling Author, Life In Full Colors

“When I began working with Kristen Wise and Maira Pedierra, I was holding a book that needed a strong, steady, skillful, and safe space to come to form. This was lacking in the vanity publishing company I started out with. For me, it was effortless to shift direction and partner with PRESStinely from the moment I felt the team's energy on our first Zoom call and received clear 'next steps' guidance on how to move forward out of the stuckness I was in. 


For each 'next step' in this book writing journey, both Kristen and Maira were present and available as they coached, taught, and brought all the components together seamlessly for the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases of bringing a book to life. There are SO many pieces to writing a book that I didn't realize and didn't have to figure out but could easily learn (and even gain mastery in) with the support and guidance that Kristen and Maira provided week after week.


I highly recommend the team at PRESStinely to anyone writing a book, magazine or creating a book based project if you value the importance of your book writing journey as well as the product. There's no other team I can envision working with towards this. A pure JOY!”


Bestselling Author, Amping Your Abilities

"PRESStinely brought my vision to life!  I'm impressed with PRESStinely's knowledge of the publishing world and being offered the steps to navigate that world.  Such gratitude!"


#1 Bestselling Author, Dance of the Love Caterpillars

“I had tried a year earlier to self-publish an illustrated short storybook, a timeless inspirational romantic love story, but only ran into people who told me it wasn't possible for XYZ reasons. My little book didn't fit into the norm. I got so discouraged that I dropped the project for a year. When my fire in the belly returned, I started looking at how to piece together providers that could support me to self-publish cause; otherwise, my book would never see the light of day! After a few contact experiences, I ran into PRESStinely. We had one call together, and we both/all-new, we had "found our people." Literally two months later, my book "Dance of the Love Caterpillars'' was launched with marketing support. Kristen and Maira organized my creative output and worked through my first publisher questions patiently with me; even if at times surely I was needy and anxious, they always gave me the perspective and support I needed to keep progressing as peacefully and effectively as possible. I felt safe with them, watched over, listened to, and professionally guided. In the end, my book hit #1 Best Seller and is sincerely a gem of a book from a design layout perspective. Looking forward to future books with PRESStinely. Kristen and Maira are so great; what a team.”


Author, AWitchAlone

"When I was first approached by PRESStinely, I was skeptical. Growing up in the age of "don't trust strangers on the internet" and definitely don't give them money, I was very hesitant to take them up on their offer to help me get my book out there. But let me tell you, trusting them was one of the best things I could have done. I knew self-publishing to be very expensive, but their packages are decently priced, and they worked with me during the pandemic and maternity leave to make sure that I wasn't going into debt to make my dreams come true. Everything was painless, and I was holding my book baby in my hands in a matter of weeks. I now have a steady, secondary stream of income and can go back to work just part-time instead of full-time to spend more time with my little one. If you want help with this process, I fully urge you to trust the minds at PRESStinely."


Author, A Higher Road

“We hired PRESStinely to release and publicize my first book, A Higher Road. PRESStinely knows the book business, and they guided me through the process while offering the expert advice required to self-publish and retain the rights to my book. They were prompt in responding to my emails, and I looked forward to our weekly virtual meetings updating me on my book's progress through the many stages of “behind-the-scenes work.” PRESStinely is extremely knowledgeable about Ingram Spark’s processes and Amazon's algorithms, keyword searches, and descriptions. They know the biz! and the steps to take and are always working in the best interest of the client. I always looked forward to our virtual Zoom meetings and discussing the progress of my book at each stage of development. I have, and continue to, recommend Kristen and Maira at PRESStinely to many of my friends and colleagues. I now consider both of them as personal friends. I look forward to continuing to work with them!”


Author, Succeed Without Selling, Expert Insights & Lemonade Stand Selling

"I love working with the team at PRESStinely. They really understand the book marketing industry and have helped me navigate all aspects of gaining exposure and credibility. Thanks to the work PRESStinely has done, my book (currently only available in Kindle version) has made it to the top 100 books in 3 sales categories. Not a simple feat as sales is one of the most competitive categories on Amazon! They are creative, collaborative, and committed to my success. I couldn’t publish my book, Succeed Without Selling, without their expertise and assistance. I highly recommend PRESStinely to anyone preparing to launch a book."



#1 Bestselling Author, Mind To Mind Conversations

“PRESStinely as helped me move my book closer to my desired goal. Maira helped me in advertising my book, and Kristen designed a great website to represent my book.”


National Bestselling Author, Wild Moon Healing

“As a first-time author, I was completely lost when I found PRESStinely. During our discovery call, I knew I met the expanders I needed to finalize my manuscript. My book launch was a huge success, and I give the credit to their guidance. I did everything they told me to, and I’ve learned so much along the way. They guided me through the publishing process, helped me build my brand and credibility, and pushed my limits, helping me grow in unimaginable ways.


Kristen and Maira are a power team! Thank you for consistently amazing me (and pushing me to amaze myself). You helped me create a solid foundation to build upon. I value your talent, your knowledge, and, most of all, your time. I highly recommend PRESStinely for your publishing and marketing needs.”


Author, Shadow Crimes​

"PRESStinely is a great partner. Proactive, full of energy, and super helpful. They set up everything and gave us valuable feedback and insights into the world of self-publishing. They bent over backward for us, and they were fair and honest. I can strongly recommend them, and we will be back hiring them again. A better online team is hard to find."


Author, Taking A Bath With Quartz Crystals

“PRESStinely was definitely worth the investment for me as a new author with little knowledge of marketing.  Kristen and Maira were amazing! They helped me get my ebook into paperback and hardcover formats. They assisted me in optimizing my Amazon profile and putting my book in the right Amazon categories. They coached me in reaching out to magazines to run a guest post that I had written (and a major magazine bit!) They encouraged me to make myself available to podcasters, and I have my first podcast guest booking later this month. They supported me in asking for endorsements from thought leaders and Amazon reviews from friends, and I finally got past that first magic number of 25 reviews.  They said that they may be able to get me to the point of selling at least one book a day, and that happened! Plus, they are warm, wonderful, caring people, a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them to other authors.”



Author, Sassies New Home


"PRESStinely has helped me shape the narrative around my book and reignite the passion that I have for my book. Helping me produce a solid plan for marketing my book has been monumental in keeping my book relevant and top of mind. They have made recommendations that were spot on in helping me get my book in the hands of influencers as well. Plus, they are all-around great women who work to become true partners with their clients".


#1 Bestselling Author, Meher & Me

“I had the very good fortune to be introduced to PRESStinely early on in my self-publishing journey to help with the launch of my book, including, but not limited to, marketing, promotion, and creation of my website. Both Kristen and Maira, with their varied and complementary skills, worked in tandem with me across our different geographies and time zones to deliver a slick, targeted campaign to launch my book. I could not have done it without them!”


Author, Scramble

"Hardcore. Kristen and Maira are a fantastic team of marketing experts who make it their business to make your book a bestseller. They have an appetite for promoting your brand, and I am thrilled with their services. So far, they have taken everything I started with my website/Amazon page, etc., and brought it to a level I couldn't imagine—schedule time with them to hear an overview of their services.


The investment was worth it. So worth it, I am going to partner with them in my second book. This is a partnership. I still have to work my ass off, but hey, it's my baby. I didn't come in planning to dump work on them. I work. They strategize and market. I show up. I make money. I can personally attest to the improvements they have guided me towards since I started with them. 


It went from very good to friggin awesome! 

  • My webpage is superior in style and quality. The updates stayed true to my original vision and blended a perspective I didn't see. Check out my page for yourself.

  • They have taken my Amazon page and made it ten times better by doing the things I didn't have time to do. Errors, assignments, etc. There were so many mistakes (There are many Fred Williams out there!), but they took the time to address them, and now I stand on my own. They also revamped my LuLu page and Goodreads and started my ad campaign. They created an ad campaign that has generated a lot of clicks. The ad campaign is a strategic plan to get readers' attention. The data presented on our scheduled calls show a definite improvement from when I started.

  • Ads: I have a brand and a logo. I know that sounds generic but ask me about ads a year ago, and I wouldn't have an answer. 

  • They have given me ideas to expand my footprint outside in addition to writing. I believe this is the start of something bigger for me. I am now writing a blog, keeping my social media updated, and promoting my book through podcasts. I would never have thought along those lines a year ago.


So what? Last year I was a writer. This year with PRESStinely, I am FRED WILLIAMS. Speaker, Writer, and Blogger with a hot book.  First, I didn't have time to do any of those things to the level they brought it. None of which I would have had time to do on my own. The second takeaway is when people see my business card, logo, websites, and interviews, they are in for a surprise. When they see my page, they are ready to interview me. I feel so polished with them. Ready. There is confidence knowing my stuff is polished when I go out to promote. So not only is my book polished, but it's coming inside an excellent wrapped package.


So if you are like me, who barely has time due to a rigorous schedule or only can do certain things to a point, then I highly suggest you contact this group of workaholics who will work harder than you to make your book a polished bestseller. Damn, they are good!"


Author, Your HeartSong Journey

“After nearly two years of frustration with a certain publisher wondering if my book, Your HeartSong Journey, would ever be the final project I imagined, I was introduced to PRESStinely. When my previous publishing contract ended, I took the leap with these three talented ladies. Immediately, they began to deliver on their promises, including their eye for design, publishing insights, and marketing wisdom. As a team, they each, in their own area of expertise, led me to the launch of my book and website and grew my business. I knew I could not successfully publish and get the word out about my book on my own and realized quickly at our first meeting that PRESStinely was a perfect fit for me. They always listened to my ideas and concerns to make sure I was pleased with their work. The referral I received for PRESStinely was, no doubt, an answer to prayer and a gift from God. It's how he allowed my book—a piece of my dream to come true. I continue to work with PRESStinely as they guide me to increase sales of my book and continue to grow my business. If you're looking for help preparing and publishing your book, creating a website, and growing your business, I highly recommend you hire PRESStinely!”


Author, Rags to Riches to the Real Me

"If writing a book isn't enough of a major task, moving on to having it published is a whole additional thing. I had a deadline to work towards, and Kristen and her team sprang into action, setting a plan that got us to the deadline and ensured that I was a published author by the time I stood in front of a large audience at an international conference. The entire process was planned to the day, and everything went better than I could possibly have expected. They are absolute experts, and I was in the best hands possible. It went so well that I'm now excited about writing another book. They had a "how-to" on every step I needed to do and fulfilled their role beyond my expectations. I learned so much, and I have applied much of what I learned to my other mainstream real estate business in terms of marketing. I cannot recommend PRESStinely enough, and to say I'm grateful for their help is an understatement."

#1 Bestselling Author, The Writer’s Block Myth

Multi-Dimensional Consultant, Speaker

“The PRESStinely team is the perfect combination of support any author could want. Each has years of experience in publishing and their field of expertise—business, tech, and marketing. Plus, I know they truly care about the authors they work with and want us to succeed, whatever our goals. I particularly appreciated how they listened to me and the timely way they answered my questions. Their guidance was invaluable.”



Author, Far Forest Scrolls

"Hope and knowledge are frequently in short supply for authors trying to get their work out into the world. After struggling for too long on my own, I am grateful to have found PRESStinely. Their compassion and expertise have rekindled optimism."


Author, Lisée At The Ballet: The Nutcracker

“Kristen and Maira were exactly who I needed to guide me through the self-publishing process. They helped make my dream into a reality by making publishing and marketing my children's book seamless. Never did I think I would be able to say that I am a published author, but with their support, my children's book became a number-one bestseller. I strongly recommend this dynamic duo, who are not only masters in their field but also well worth the investment. It was a joy to work with them!”


Author, Midwifery For The Soul, Healing After Birth

“Kristen and Maira from PRESStinely demonstrated quality professional conduct from the very first call to the last date of our contract. I was exceedingly impressed with the demonstrated organizational skills that helped to keep the publishing of my book on track. I felt well-supported by all of them throughout the entire process. I learned not only about the behind-the-scenes process of publication but also new knowledge about effective and efficient professional correspondence. The team worked hard to ensure that my publication date was met. They were always available to jump on a call or engage in email correspondence as needed. I felt like I had a friend in my corner cheering me on. I really appreciated the help with the tagline, hashtags, keyword searches, layout, and cover design. Being that I am organizationally challenged, having a team keep me on track was well worth the investment. I highly recommend this team of professionals.” 


Author The Managerial Leadership Journey

President, Forrest & Company, Ltd.

“Engaging PRESStinely for the launch and marketing of my first book was one of the best decisions my team made throughout the entire process. They are consummate professionals and they held our hands at every step of the process. They produced great creative, led us where we needed to go and served as invaluable partners. We would not hesitate to engage PRESStinely again for fresh marketing campaigns for the book.”



Author The Managerial Leadership Journey

President, Forrest & Company, Ltd.

"We engaged PRESStinely to redesign our outdated corporate website after having an excellent experience using them for the launch and promotion of my first business book. The care, attention, and expertise they brought to the table was second to none. They have a solid understanding and feel for the market, aesthetics, and what works."


#1 Bestselling Author, The Evidential Medium

"Invaluable, patient, and visionary are the words that come to mind when describing the PRESStinely team. As a new author who knew absolutely nothing about the publishing world, the PRESStinely team took me by the hand and led me through this incredible journey. I've learned a great deal from them and feel confident as I move forward. If you're thinking of publishing a book, I would definitely recommend PRESStinely."



"During my tenure working as an editor at PRESStinely, I have experienced the utmost professionalism, a positive work atmosphere, and great support. Kristin and Dawn are always available for consults, questions, and advice. Their encouragement and kindness make working with them a true pleasure. I have personally witnessed PRESStinely take a manuscript from essentially an author's musings to a best seller! I would recommend PRESStinely to authors, editors, and anyone who requires the services of an excellent publishing house. They are a first-class company, all the way around!"


#1 Bestselling Author, The Little Book of Light Codes

“I am a new author with a big dream to share my message with the world. I had no idea what I was doing and found marketing and branding to be a daunting task! I am so glad I found the PRESStinely team. They are professional, talented, and generous. I recommend them to my closest friends as a team I can trust. Thank you, PRESStinely, for the incredible work you do!”


Author, My Migraine Breakthrough

“Working with PRESStinely on my book was a pleasure. Kristen and Maira are consummate professionals. They guided me step by step through the entire process of getting my book from a rough manuscript to a completed product, of which I was extremely pleased. I would not hesitate to recommend any author to work with them on their book.”


Author, Broken, Changed & Rearranged

“Presstinely was a true partner in collaborating on my marketing strategy for my book launch. They provided a wealth of insight, expertise and knowledge in so many areas I needed support. My book launch was successful because of their tremendous guidance and support.”



Author, The Well of Many Worlds

“I hired PRESStinely to publish the first book in my epic fantasy/Gothic romance/thriller series, The Well Of Many Worlds, and right from the beginning, they were great to work with. The team at PRESStinely is very friendly and knowledgeable about the world of self-publishing. They were always professional, and their work was of the highest quality. I am very happy with the job they did and would highly recommend them!”


Author, Curious Avatar

“As an emerging author who has no interest in the traditional (antiquated) publishing model, finding PRESStinely was an absolute godsend! They provide all the tools I need to produce a best-in-class publication. Their personalized, turn-key approach to publishing delivers all the benefits of an institutional publisher while giving me the editorial and financial control that I want. The team’s professionalism, creativity, and diligence continue to exceed my expectations, and I am certain our partnership will continue for many years to come.”


#1 Bestselling Author, Gret’s Rock

“Working with Kristen and Maria at PRESStinely was amazing. From the moment I met them, I knew this was the right fit, and they would do everything to help me publish my story. From connecting me with an editor to designing and managing every detail that goes into self-publishing, to marketing and social media and keeping track of every detail, my Novel became a Bestseller. Also, they sent out all media kits and press releases picking up on ABC, NBC, and Fox News! PRESStinely designed my website and helped me to manage that as well. Working with these women was a pleasure, and I look forward to a continued relationship with them. Thank you, Kristin and Maria, for helping this first-time Author be heard!”


Author, Shadowed Soul

"As a first-time author, I had no idea what I was doing when it came to, well… everything. Per the advice of my editor, I contacted PRESStinely to help me navigate choosing a title and keywords, the creation of the layout and design, and finalizing the book cover for my travel memoir. From the very start, they were accommodating and offered a special packaged deal that would meet my range of needs. Both Kristen and Maira at PRESStinely schooled me in the art of making a book look great and offered a detailed marketing strategy for the pre and post-launch. I really enjoyed working with them to get everything right, and I appreciated all of the knowledge I gained from their expertise. It was a perfect welcome into the world of publishing, and I was happy to have them join the team.


I am very pleased with the work that Kristen and Maira did for my first book and would recommend hiring them to help you as well. They are professional and knowledgeable, can make a book look great, and are really fun to work with. I most certainly will be in contact with them in the future when my next title is ready for layout and design." 


#1 Bestselling Author, Divorcing Oedipus

“PRESStinely, has been a wonderful experience for me. As a first-time published author, Kristen, and Maira helped me to solidify my message and purpose by building a beautiful and professional website. I appreciate the loving care and energy they have put forth in preparing me for success. I highly recommend working with them to create and enhance your artistic expression and vision. You will only gain a deeper insight from the experience because they truly care about their clients. Thank you, M. Ophelia”


Author, The Big Prick

“PRESStinely has done a wonderful job helping me to prepare and launch my first novel. Kristen and Maira are very knowledgeable about the book world. They have worked closely with me during this exciting and confusing time. The work product that they create is beautiful and represents me well. I highly recommend PRESStinely to any author looking for expert marketing help.”



"If you are seeking marketing for your BOOK, please contact PRESStinely. They offer consulting services for publishing, launching, and promoting books. These two women are awesome and have great integrity; I cannot recommend them highly enough."


National Best Selling Author, You Are Deathless

“Word of mouth is still the best referral, and I was referred to this dynamic duo and team through a dear friend who had just worked with them after encountering a bad experience with a self-publishing company. After taking 13 years to write “My Baby,” I was being very selective, and after our initial consultation, I was hooked. They did what they said and took my book from good to great.  It is so great that it has surpassed the “success” markers after being out for only two months. They answered ALL my emails - super responsive and creative. They are worth it, hands down!  In essence, they care and are passionate about giving you their team’s best work. I am grateful!”


Author, Escaping The Whale

"PRESSTINELY’S INVALUABLE ASSISTANCE - PRESStinely has given me so much more than a fabulous website and a list of suggested audiences to target. When my novel was published, I was extremely naïve about the manner in which an author must get her book noticed – and purchased, of course. In friendly Zoom discussions, they gave me an education on how book sales work and came up with terrific ideas to pursue. They gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed to contact the various organizations that could help promote the book and advice on how to approach them and how to use social media to do the same.


The three women who make up this company – Kristen, and Maira – each have their areas of specialty. Each one focused directly on the ways in which they could help me. They answer all questions quickly and provide that helping hand I need. PRESStinely offers original ideas and time-tested methods to help a writer. I now have the spirit and energy to dive into what I need to do to get my novel recognized, all thanks to PRESStinely."


Author, The Good Eggs Series

“Since the very start, working with Kristen and Maira has been a seamless experience. They knew exactly what my books needed and created a plan to help me achieve success. They gave me a renewed vision and tools to implement that vision. I love how they are mission-centered and truly care deeply about bringing the author’s work into the world. I am grateful our paths have crossed and I hope to work with them again in the future.”


Author, The Fire Outside My Window

Speaker and Coach

"I was on a mission to re-release my first book on my own after retrieving the rights from a disappointing publisher. Before I knew it, I was drowning in the process and running out of time to hit a crucial launch date. Thank god I found Kristen and Maira. They managed the entire process with expertise and finesse and set up a winning marketing campaign, all for such a reasonable fee. I would never have been able to do half as much half as well, let alone on time! Plus, they are genuinely lovely and caring individuals, dedicated to supporting authors, and a pleasure to work with. I’m thrilled with my new edition; it’s 100 percent professional in every way, and it’s all mine. There is a better way to send your book into the world than traditional publishing, and it starts by contacting PRESStinely."



#1 Bestselling Author, Small Beginnings

Creative Educator, Mentor Artist, and Speaker

“When I didn’t know my next step in marketing my book, Small Beginnings: A Journey to the Impossible, PRESStinely reached out to me to offer a proven and trusted pathway to success. I knew my book carried inspiration and life-changing plans for those reaching for their dreams, but I did not know how to get my message out to the world. After all, I was an unknown self-published author among millions of others.  Kristen and her team came on board with me to take Small Beginnings to the next level. Small Beginnings became a #1 Bestseller on Kindle just a few months after PRESStinely partnered with me. The efficient and trusted PRESStinely team continues to guide me through the world of being an author regarding social media, the ins and outs of marketing, and taking care of all of my edits on all my platforms in a professional manner. PRESStinely truly cares about me personally and my success as a best-seller author.  And our positive relationship has not stopped. I am working on my next two books, and PRESStinely is right there beside me as we plan for all my future books to become bestsellers, too.”


Author, Inside

“I am very grateful for the professional expertise of the PRESStinely team. Before I found the PRESStinely group, I struggled to know what steps to take to market and promote my book and had little interest in trying to figure that part of the project out. Kristen, and Maira each have their specialties and complement one another beautifully. They work closely with their authors, know the product, and guide you to the finish line with grace and elegance. I felt very confident in their hands, and I know you will too.”


#1 Bestselling Author, Instabrain

Keynote Speaker, CEO

"PRESStinely is the absolutely amazing PR team who manages my book publicity. If you're thinking of writing a book or if you've already published a book and are looking for PR, PRESStinely will give you the lowdown on what to do (or, in my case, fix everything you did wrong before you met!)"



Stan Creative Agency, Founder

“I have been working with these wonderful girls for several years. I want to note excellent communication and a professional approach to work. Will I recommend them? Of course, I consider them the best in their field. Thanks for the great overall work!”


National Bestselling Author, Sura Flow

"Kristen and Maira are a powerful pair. They helped me launch my book, Sura Flow, on Amazon which quickly became best-seller status. They treated my project like their own. The PRESStinely team is highly skilled, professional, and experienced — and they are an absolute pleasure to work with."


Author, Pivotal Moments

International Speaker, Entrepreneur

"For any author who wants to increase awareness, sales, and followers through social media, PRESStinely is your best bet. They've done a fabulous job for me; they're creative, proactive, and knowledgeable!"


National Bestselling Author, Wisdom Beyond What You Know

Speaker, Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher

"The PRESStinely team provided exactly what I was looking for. Expertise, personal attention, organization, and all the knowledge, about bringing a book from an idea to publication, that I didn't have. The close partnership with PRESStinely took so much pressure off my shoulders so that I could focus on what I do best, write! I couldn't have done it without you!"


Author, My Twin Flame Journey

“I thought writing a book would be the hardest part. As a new author, I was clueless in knowing the next steps. I needed someone who could help me with all the steps of self-publishing after my manuscript was completed. PRESStinely walked me through many hurdles and made the post-writing process a success. I chose the Publishing and Marketing package and am completely happy with the outcome. 


The strategy calls provided insight and brought my project to fruition. Maira and Kristen understand niche research, social media, and book marketing strategy creation. Their processes made things easy for me, and it was done efficiently. Their knowledge and expertise allowed me to not have to worry about launching a book and they sent each format to outlets so that it could be sold to individuals or to retailers. These are things that I couldn’t have done without their support. They guided and supported me to release a beautiful book.”



“I have been working with Kristen Wise, co-founder of PRESStinely Consulting, since 2016. I was thrilled when she reached out to me last year for my first PRESStinely Consulting editing project.  I highly valued my professional relationship with her and was looking forward to working with her again. I was very excited for her, as well as the authors she would be working with, when she told me that she was going to start PRESStinely.  I had seen firsthand her dedication to the industry and to aspiring independent authors.


Kristen Wise personally has gone above and beyond as a client. Although we have only worked together remotely, I value her as a friend. She is someone who truly respects and cares for her contractors. She has written me recommendations for other work and has shown a genuine interest in my life and family. 

My experience working with PRESStinely over the past year has been nothing but pleasant and rewarding. The PRESStinely team values my time and contributions, is respectful of my schedule, and has trust in my work—which is something that is so important to me as an editor.  PRESStinely is extremely organized and keeps me updated when it comes to each step of the publishing process.  Sometimes, as a freelancer who is working for multiple clients concurrently, it can be difficult to design an effective work schedule, not knowing when the next iteration of a manuscript will arrive on my desk. In my work with PRESStinely, there is no guesswork, and the team is transparent in all stages of the publishing process.


PRESStinely is a company that values literature and cares for the authors it serves. The team strives to produce high-quality books, which is somewhat of a hit or miss in the independent publishing industry. PRESStinely listens to its authors, keeping the unique goals they have for their books in mind at all times, and pushes them to create terrific books as well as effective marketing platforms.  


I highly recommend PRESStinely Consulting to any author who is looking for assistance with self-publishing; they will hold you to their high standards and ensure success for your book.”

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