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Better Together

Do not try to navigate through the publishing process on your own or with someone who does not have your book's best interest at heart. We are all better together, and we genuinely want to be a part of your journey and ensure the success of your book.

To learn more about what a partnership with PRESStinely looks like, please download our packages and then schedule a free discovery call with us.


As we are a boutique firm, we limit the number of authors we partner with throughout the year. If you would like to be considered as our next author partner to publish, market, and sell your book, let's have a chat.

*Our pricing ranges from $500 - $5,500+ and customized packages are also an option.

Complimentary Discovery Call

To prepare for your discovery call, we kindly request more information about your book. Please take a few moments to answer the following questions.

The discovery call typically is about 45 minutes, pending your availability. It's designed as a noncommittal discussion aimed at understanding your book and goals and determining whether our partnership aligns for mutual success.

Kristen & Maira

At What Stage Is The Manuscript?
Do You Have Any Previously Published Books?
Are You Currently Under Agreement With A Publisher?
What Sort Of Partnership Are You Seeking?

Thank you for sharing this information with us.

We will be in touch very soon to set up a discovery call.

All good wishes - 

Kristen & Maira

The Packages

Thank you for requesting our packages. We will email you shortly.

The Mentorship Courses Curriculum Request

Thank you for requesting the Course information. We will email you shortly.

Referral Program

Thank you for requesting information regarding the Referral Program.

We will email you shortly.

“We engaged PRESStinely to redesign our outdated corporate website after having an excellent experience using them for the launch and promotion of my first business book and my author website. The care, attention, and expertise they brought to the table was second to none. They have a solid understanding and feel for the market, aesthetics, and what works.”


International Bestselling Author The Managerial Leadership Journey

President, Forrest & Company, Ltd.

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