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Guided Self-Publishing & Marketing Course

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The PRESStinely Guided Self-Publishing & Marketing Mentorship Course will strategically move you through the entire self-publishing process to ensure that typical self-publishing mistakes are avoided. The end product is not only a book you are proud of but one that will be the cornerstone to building your author credibility and brand. Although there is a massive amount of information readily available on the internet, when it comes to self-publishing a book, much of the advice you can get for free online won't take you on the path that you must follow in order to launch a book that will stand out and thrive. It is incredibly time-consuming to do the research and gather information from countless sources, and the information you collected may not be the most updated due to the fast-paced environment of the publishing industry. Based on more than 10 years of the team's experience and knowledge of the publishing industry's ins and outs, the PRESStinely Guided Self-Publishing & Marketing Mentorship Course will guide you through a number of steps that were carefully put in chronological order to guarantee no important task is missed. The course has been designed to move you through the publishing process as seamlessly as possible. Reach out to us today for the full course curriculum.






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