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Sharing knowledge and positivity can be highly contagious too, did you know that?

Of the many words that have been thrown around with the crisis we are in, none have stood out more than resilience. Across the world, people are pushed to their limit because of their stress and anxiety due to COVID-19. Many people have never experienced a pandemic on this scale and feel lost and unsure of what to do. Most importantly, people are feeling as though they are losing control of their current situation, and that loss of control is contributing to international fear.

Though the pandemic is affecting us in very physical ways, the Coronavirus has changed all aspects of our daily lives through the way we work to the way we interact with others. This change causes a smoke-screen to appear, making the future in which every detail is planned to become uncertain, leading to negativity. However, we must think positively and be as best as we can in whatever we do during this frightening situation.

Choosing to look at the bright side is challenging but necessary. The hyper-vigilance during these uncertain times makes us focus on the outside world as we forget to look inward—but we need to take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others.

Social distancing is affecting us as a social species. We are looking for positive messages that comfort us. Instead of doing activities that feel meaningless, we can look to great books, join webinars, and continue improving our character. Sharing knowledge and positivity is vital, and you can contribute to that. What uplifting knowledge, experience, and message do you have to share?

Take a second to think about all the people that now more than ever could be learning from your expertise. David McCourt once said: “If you are persistent, your plan B may be better than your plan A.” So, how many lives could you impact with your book? It’s time to share your message and leave a mark in the world while making life better for others.

Remember, you will be writing someone's favorite book!


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