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Audiobooks—Your Key to Reaching Readers Everywhere

With the growing popularity of audiobooks, authors should consider

offering their books in this format to reach a wider audience and

provide readers with a convenient, hands-free reading experience.

PRESStinely Audiobooks

Whenever an author, no matter how experienced or famous, looks to begin selling their book to their audience, they have to consider the formats they want to offer their book in. Of course, you have the classic paperback and hardcover book options necessary for any book to get into the hands of readers. Then you have the eBook, a massively popular option that allows readers to read your book on their phones, computers, eReader tablets, and most other devices that connect to the internet—however, another format that's continuing to grow and shouldn't be overlooked is the audiobook.

According to the Audio Publishers Association, about 53% of surveyed adults listened to at least one audiobook in a year, up from 45% the previous year. The trend in the number of readers listening to audiobooks has grown significantly, which can be seen through Amazon’s Audible platform, which works with various content creators on many social media platforms to try and bring more readers into the fold. Like eBooks, audiobooks offer readers a convenient way to read your book on the go, though they have the added benefit of not requiring the eyes of the reader on the page to read the content. Thus, many audiobook listeners might listen on the commute to work or school, while working out, or while relaxing on a park or beach.

Because your audiobook is delivered through an auditory medium alone, the most essential piece to the puzzle is reading the book itself. There are two primary methods of doing this, with the first being reading the book yourself. Creating the audio files for an audiobook is generally straightforward, with each section and chapter being its own file. By reading your own book, you are giving the reader a very personal touch as you, the author, are delivering your own message or story directly to the reader’s ear. However, if you do choose to record your own audio for the book, you need to make sure you do it correctly. Thus, you’ll want to get a good microphone, find a room that can cancel out the background noise and echoes, and use some form of audio software to adjust your volume levels and ensure your book is up to the quality of other audiobooks in your niche.

The second option for your audiobook is hiring a voice talent to read your book. This is a great option for delivering your content, particularly for fiction books, as a voice actor or actress has significant experience delivering content through their voice alone while keeping your content engaging and memorable. Amazon offers a fantastic place for voice talent and authors to connect with ACX, allowing you to find the correct talent for your book’s needs.

If you're ready to enter the audiobook market but feel overwhelmed about where to start, PRESStinely is here to guide you. We can help you maximize your audiobook's potential and reach. Visit to schedule a complimentary discovery call and take the first step toward audio success.

Kristen & Maira


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