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Get Your Book An A+ Content

Explore this new feature and enhance your sales by 3% to 10% according to Amazon!

Whether you are planning on writing a book or a seasoned author, you may have heard about how Amazon works to be in the avant-garde of the publishing world. After the successful launch of Kindle Vella, a chapter-based publishing platform, Amazon is revamping what authors can do to market their books.

Once something exclusive to a handful of traditional publishers, the A+ Content was presented a few years ago as a tool to boost book sales and turn sales rates up. However, Amazon realized it was time for that feature to be made available to indie authors, meaning any KDP user can add "Modules" to Amazon book pages. This means that KDP authors can now add an incredible number of marketing assets to their books, including:

  • 3D mockups,

  • Banners,

  • Images from the inside of book,

  • Endorsements with images,

  • Quotes from the book,

  • Comparison tables,

  • and more author details.

As is the case with any other marketing tool offered by Amazon, specific guidelines need to be followed when using A+ Content. For example, do not include keywords like "bonus," "buy now," or "offer" when marketing your book. Also, do not reference any holidays or use words like "new release" or "latest book" when using A+ Content. Lastly, there is also a limit on the number of endorsements and quotes you can include (with four mentions being the maximum). While this can seem a bit daunting, the good news is that if you follow all of the guidelines, you will be able to maximize the layout of your book pages, give your book a much more professional look, and sell more copies to readers.

According to Amazon's analytics, exploring the features offered with A+ Content can enhance your book sales from 3% to 10%. This increase is best explained by how A+ Content makes it easier for readers to identify your book's most critical selling points at a glance through a combination of images, text, and tables.

To create your A+ Content module, Amazon gives you 17 different module templates to start from. From these 17 templates, you can use up to 5 modules for each book ASIN.

Below are some examples of A+ Content modules:

Author detail page examples:

  • Sample from Second Chance Magic: Order of Magic by Michelle M. Pillow

  • Modules used: Standard Image & Light Text Overlay and Standard Single Image & Sidebar


From the Publisher examples:

  • Sample from On the Way to You by Kandi Steiner

  • Modules used: Standard Image & Text Overlay


Book Topics and Character Samples:


Are you looking for more advice on A+ Content? PRESStinely is here to help you identify, create, and implement all the A+ assets to make your book stand out! Reach out to us to schedule a 30-minute discovery call about A+ Content! If you are already one of our authors, please get in touch with us to learn more about a special offer.

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