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Give Readers Quality Content — That's the Best Kind of Advertising.

Readers are always looking for connections.

In order for your potential readers to buy your book, they first need to be convinced to trust your advice and expertise to solve a problem they have or to teach them something that will be useful in their lives. The great book launch parties or glamorous book signing events are now a thing of the past in terms of connecting to your readers. While they can be great marketing opportunities, they won’t convince the reader to pick your book instead of the hundreds of other book options they have.

So if the traditional marketing is not effective anymore, how does an author sell their books?

First of all, your readers are buying the content of the book, not the product itself. They are buying the solution you offer, the knowledge you provide, or the tools they need to end the painful feeling they have. There are several solutions your specific readers might be looking for and you need to understand which ones they are and address them.

Once you have a clear understanding of what your readers are looking for, you must realize that you are selling solutions and your reader must see you as someone who can help them. They must also see that you have helped others like them in order for them to fully trust you. Therefore, you need to start sharing actionable and practical advice: simple steps that someone can understand and implement in their daily lives without having to overthink it. Once the potential readers of your book try something you suggested and see that it works, they will be confident in the advice you offer through your book.

After you have established yourself as a credible source and your readers begin to follow your advice, offer your content in different formats and approaches to keep those same readers coming back. Write a blog, a How-To article, record a podcast, share a social media post, send a newsletter, or jump on a live video. Using these many methods will ensure you connect with your readers in a way they prefer, further building your connection to them and making you their go-to person. As you keep reminding them about you and your content, they will refer your book to their friends, and then, they will also want more from you.

Your readers trust you, they read your book, and have enjoyed the other offerings made available to them, so now what? Put simply, you can’t simply disappear. Instead, you have to keep offering fresh content. Keep in touch with your readers on a second book, a companion journal, coaching sessions, or an online course. All of these could all be explored as options once you create that bond with your audience. The minute you realize you are a content creator and not simply an author, your book will sell and your business will grow. So put your content out there and have fun in the process. Your readers will connect with you.


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