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How A Book Can Help You Increase Your Authority.

It all started with an incredible idea; the dream that was always in your to-do list and you wanted to make it come true. And you did! Fast forward a few years and now you have a business, your dream is a reality, and you feel you have a purpose. You have something to help others solve their problems, allowing you to educate and inspire your clients in so many ways. However, you feel that you could be reaching even more people, and you want to expand your audience, so you get to work.

Social media presence is one of the most vital steps on your climb to grow your audience. You are authentic and vibrant, you engage with your audience, and with a clear and effective strategy implemented, your fan base will start to grow exponentially. Speaking engagements, podcast interviews, and videos full of relevant content are now your goal. You know you can do this, but you ask yourself how do you stand out from all that noise. How can you position yourself as an authority and get the spotlight and be put in the hot seat?

This is when a book comes into the picture. Writing allows you to share a deeper understanding of your values, ideas, theories, how to’s, and impact people’s lives with it. It can be used for guidance or reference for so many people in an infinite amount of topics. Books can also reach people that you have never imagined as a client, making it the cornerstone of a personal brand strategy. A book also changes the game on how prospects and clients perceive your credibility, giving you the media visibility you aim for.

While writing will take you out of your comfort zone, publishing a book of your own can be a wonderful journey that you will never forget. It makes you rethink and work even harder on business ideas, and demands that you go into a self-discovery process that brings your many qualities to light. Ultimately, it will not only impact others but impact yourself as well. With your book in hand, you can proudly pitch yourself to many different types of media and paves the way for you to be confident on stage in front of a large audience. You have done your homework and now have the most powerful tool to get your plans to the next level!

If you have a unique idea that is laying dormant and you believe a book is the way to spread your idea to others, challenge yourself and start working on it now! 


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Kristen & Maira

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