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How to be on “the front page of the internet" - Reddit

Whether you are brainstorming ideas for your book, in the process of editing, or creating a brand based on your book, knowing your niche and connecting with your audience is a cornerstone to your success. With this in mind, many authors create accounts on many of the big name platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, many miss out on a key platform to connect themselves with their niche and audience: Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit, or “the front page of the internet” as it calls itself, is a platform built on users connecting with communities with similar interests as themselves. The front page can show you news, educational or entertaining videos, helpful guides, forum questions, and whatever else you are interested in. Every post is posted through communities called “subreddits,” each representing a certain community. Each post also has a dedicated section for users to comment on the post, allowing users to share their ideas, help out the original poster of the content, and ask questions on the post.

How can I use Reddit to learn more about the audience in my niche?

As mentioned before, the subreddits on the platform are all centered around a certain community or theme. While some subreddits are quite broad in the content they feature, such as r/news and r/videos, others are solely focused on one particular topic, such as r/apple or r/london. With this in mind, you can search for subreddits that are centered around your particular niche to see what topics members of that community are discussing. If you can’t find a good subreddit for your niche, you can create a subreddit centered around your niche so that other Reddit users looking to learn more about your niche have an environment to do so.

How can I use Reddit to reach new people, discuss my niche, and discuss my book?

One fantastic way to reach users on Reddit and to engage with your niche is to post and comment on the subreddits that fit your niche and book. Simply discussing your niche with members on Reddit will make users more engaged with you, meaning when you do make a post about your book users might recognize you and be open to your book that you are telling them about.

Another fantastic option on Reddit is hosting an AMA, meaning Ask me Anything, in which you would provide a background about yourself and engage with users asking questions to you in the comments. Popular AMAs have ranged from Bill and Melinda Gates answering questions about their charity organization to a citizen in an area hit with a natural disaster answering questions about their current situation. Hosting an AMA is the perfect opportunity for you to connect to users on Reddit who might have an interest in your niche and want to learn more or are looking for the next fantastic book to read. If you tell your current readers about an upcoming AMA you are hosting, your audience can connect more with you by asking you questions and engaging with you more about your niche and book!

So with all this in mind, go out there and engage with your niche! There are plenty of users across Reddit and all other social media platforms looking for the next great read, and you have the perfect solution to their craving!


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