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How To Turn A Website Into A Business Growth Tool.

Having a unique message is a vital first step when you decide to pursue a career as an author who helps people understand incredibly important concepts or various types of knowledge. However, while having a unique message is important, having a way to optimally deliver your message to the masses is also incredibly important as well. As such, creating a website that is optimized to deliver your message is the key to your success.

Throughout the last decade, the digital market has grown exponentially. However, the vast majority of internet platforms force you to build an audience through their own websites and will not give you full control over your data, which makes some question the necessity of building an online community. Even with some of the restrictions internet platforms can put in place, building that community is quite important as being present on social media and running ads targeting your audience is a fantastic way to increase the number of people you reach. In order to have a platform where you can have full control of your data and still reach others, however, you must create a website and mailing list.

The best answer to this question is your own website and mailing list, further proving its importance in the growth of your audience. With this in mind, the next question you should ask yourself is if you know what to do with your website.

When you build your website, ensure you avoid the trap of making an “online business card” where people using your website would only receive your contact information. You should instead ensure your website is content-rich, informative, and interactive to keep your audience coming back to your website out of a desire to learn more about your mission through the resources you provide them.

As an author, you are an expert on your niche. As your audience grows from reading your book, you can eventually offer some sort of online course or service that your readers will want to participate in after reading your book to learn more about your niche, and your website can be the perfect hub for these services. This means your website will be multi-faceted, allowing people who haven’t read your material to learn more about you and your niche while those who have read your book access your website to join your mailing list and participate in the courses you provide to them. Your website is truly about balancing the desires of your audience and helping them find the solutions to their problems, which you provide through your book and services, and providing key information about yourself and showing your audience why you are the right person to guide them.

No matter where you are in the writing and publishing process, you should start thinking about your website and how you will keep your audience coming back for more content after all.

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