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How to Turn Potential Readers into Readers and Readers into Clients

A Subscription Strategy for Nonfiction Authors.

Compiling a list of email addresses is often listed among the main goals of nonfiction author strategies. If you are an author, you should also consider having an email subscription funnel on your website, but simply having a long list won't get anywhere; how you manage that list and communicate with your readers will.

On average, internet users in the US visit over 130 web pages daily, and, according to Kickstand, subscription requests are on the same level. Suppose your only lead magnet offer is to get them to sign up to stay updated with your news and upcoming books. In that case, you will likely not get the list to grow exponentially as people become increasingly more resistant to whom they share their email addresses with.

There are several types of subscribers to be mapped out, and how you handle communication is different for each group. They range from readers who still haven't read your book but share similar ideas to you and like your blogs and social media content, to the readers who have already read your book and are well aware of your story with an in-depth perspective of your content. You can add even more levels between those two based on their engagement with you and your brand.

For the first group, the more time you spend building and perfecting your reader magnet resources, the greater the increase in your list of potential readers. Ultimately, enough work will lead to no potential reader in your niche being able to say no to your reader magnets is as essential as focusing on getting the book to sell. This will make the audience trust you more and more and feel comfortable enough to buy the book. It will reassure them that your book is worth the investment and time commitment they must make to read it.

The second group, which is formed by readers that have already read your book, needs a different approach. The goal here is to make them keep wanting more content from you. A content upgrade offer is the best way to approach them. This is the group to whom you can offer a paid subscription to get access to content and information that is not available for free on your website. When crafted well, these offers can be turned into online courses, mentorships, and other forms of service packages that will make them go from readers to clients.

In short, you should create and perfect resources for:

  • A reader magnet offer to reach potential readers, and

  • A content upgrade offer to turn readers into clients.

Once you have those two implemented on your website and coordinated with your other marketing strategies, you will notice that you will get more and better reviews as the readers will get more value from your book than the average book. The more value readers perceive, the more likely they will reciprocate and write a glowing review.

So create your content for these two groups of subscribers and get more people to engage with you and your brand better and more effectively.


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Kristen & Maira


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