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IngramSpark Share & Sell—A New Path to Self-Publishing

Self-publishing is No Longer Just an Alternative—

It's Continuing to Take Over The Entire Publishing Industry.

PRESStinely Self-Publishing

Any author who is going to self-publish their book or work with a hybrid/vanity publisher will more than likely set up their book with IngramSpark, particularly because they are the largest distributor of books to bookstores and retailers worldwide. IngramSpark allows authors to publish their books in digital and physical formats and connects them with these vast sales channels, allowing their books to be visible in the same ways that an author publishing through a traditional publisher might. However, unlike Amazon, IngramSpark itself is not a platform for the average reader to purchase their books directly. That is until recently, with IngramSpark introducing a new way for readers to purchase books directly from authors: the IngramSpark Share & Sell program.

IngramSpark is allowing authors to sell their books directly to readers without needing to use a bookstore, retailer, or third-party distributor. You will create a hyperlink that, when clicked, directs readers to your book page, where they will order the book, and IngramSpark will print and ship the book directly to them. You will be able to sell your book to your audience by sharing your link on your social media channels, blog posts, website, email marketing, etc. In essence, IngramSpark is offering print-on-demand services to authors, positioning itself to take on Amazon's dominance in the self-publishing arena directly.

IngramSpark's choice to directly challenge Amazon’s dominance highlights the incredible growth of self-publishing. While IngramSpark has always been an essential tool for self-published authors looking to get their books in bookstores, IngramSpark is hoping to become the central hub of self-publishing by offering the same print-on-demand services that Amazon does.

Considering how large Amazon is, why might an author choose to work with IngramSpark as opposed to using Amazon? For starters, IngramSpark promises higher earnings per book sale thanks to lower fees. For example, with Share & Sell, your reader covers the sales tax and shipping fees—you just pay the printing costs and a service fee. Secondly, you can embed the Share & Sell link directly into your website, social posts, and more, allowing readers to easily click through to purchase. Finally, you, as the author, remain in full control—setting prices, running promotions, and connecting however you'd like with your audience.

With IngramSpark choosing to challenge Amazon, the titan of self-publishing, it is becoming clear that self-publishing is quickly taking over the publishing world. Self-publishing is no longer just an alternative—it's becoming the standard. While many experts have been pointing to the rise of the self-published author for the past few years, this move illustrates that the time for you to self-publish your book is now.

If you need assistance taking advantage of IngramSpark Share & Sell, PRESStinely is here to help. Visit to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

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