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Inspire and Encourage Others With Your Expertise, Experiences, and Knowledge.

Have you ever thought that choosing to keep the experiences you acquired over the years to yourself could be a selfish decision?

Your expertise, experiences, and knowledge can inspire and encourage someone who desperately needs support through the power of your words and their ability to impact and transform lives of people you don’t even know.

Recognizing you have a story to share is the first step and figuring out where to go next is essential. The ability to write is something you will perfect over time but you have to start somewhere. Unfortunately, many writers get paralyzed by fear of judgment, being misinterpreted, or not having the best credentials to write. You might think there are thousands of thought-provoking books, blog posts, articles, and podcasts that are delivering the same message you would like to share, but none of them have shared the same mistakes and experiences as you, or have the correct answer for every single question.

In a world where society expects and worships perfection, we often forget that something is better than nothing at all, so embrace being vulnerable!

Writing your book will reflect your innermost thoughts and feelings, and there is certainly someone who is searching for those exact words you write and stories you have to tell. We at PRESStinely come across authors with incredible stories on a daily basis, and we are still amazed when current or future authors start talking about their book ideas in a very modest way. As we ask questions and the potential authors start feeling more comfortable, we discover the most authentic, raw, and powerful stories you can possibly think of: unimaginable life struggles, dedication, and grit, yet we have never seen the exact same story.

As May Angelo said, "When you learn, teach, when you get, give." Your story is worth sharing with the world. Now, ask yourself -

What do I want to achieve with my book?

Who will find it useful?

How could my ideas be presented?



Contact us to learn more about what a partnership with PRESStinely looks like.

Kristen & Maira


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