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Self-Help and Children’s Books

Self-Help and Children’s Books represent 80% of the Best-seller's list of 2021 on Amazon

In 2021, eight out of the ten most sold books on Amazon were either a self-help or a children’s book. If we look back to the last five years, self-help books made it to the top of the list three times, and they have been increasing in sales exponentially.

There are multiple reasons that, when combined, are pushing these book sales up: the spike in mental health issues worldwide during the pandemic, and parents spending more time at home with their kids, are the main ones.

Readers have been re-evaluating their lives and lifestyle almost in a "now or never” mode, which makes them seek inspiration and guidance in self-help books. In the last couple of years, having a good idea and a good intention in writing a personal development book was enough. Nowadays, in order to succeed, authors need to be more than an authority in their niche; they need to build trust and communicate with their audiences. Readers want to get information, but only from trusted sources, which will be turned into actionable steps and solid life-changing habits.

For children’s books, parents are spending less time commuting to and from work and consequently are having more quality time with their children. That reason alone has been driving sales to the book category. Besides that, more and more books are being written addressing social issues that were never presented and discussed with children before. Books on self-esteem, diversity, bullying, and anxiety are now part of the most important retailer’s catalogs.

As 2022 begins as another promising year for both categories, if you are considering or are already in the process of writing one, contact us. Your book could be someone’s favorite book.


Kristen & Maira


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