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The Ever-Changing Publishing Business and the Author's Ability to Adapt

This past month, Amazon announced a major change in their advertising system. After years of allowing only books published through KDP to run ads, Amazon will soon allow traditionally published titles to start using their advertising platform. A few days later, Spotify also announced a big shift that concerns books: they will now heavily invest in audiobooks in the upcoming years.

All these moving pieces show us that an author has to spend as much time strategizing as they do writing the book to be able to thrive in this ever changing and highly competitive market. The ability to adapt is a key element of any author's success formula. With this in mind, the saying “first come, first served” is one of the best pieces of advice we can give authors as not all of them do their research homework effectively and the competition rates are smaller in the less traditional and new promotional paths.


We know that no super-fancy marketing strategy beats the good-old consistent cohesive plan. Instead of miraculous ad services, working diligently on reviews, engaging with the audience effectively, and having a clear communication channel with the readers are all the most effective ways to be established as a successful author. These new trends can be seen as the cherry on the top.

A strong promotional core will create the foundation for a book to stand out, and no single marketing task stands by itself. However, if you pile up several tasks that form the pillars of your marketing, you can then venture out and test the newest and most fresh opportunities that the publishing industry presents to you.

The ability to stay aware of everything that is happening around you, with your competitors, and in the industry, aligned with the ability to put the plan into action fast enough, will give you the competitive advantage you need to make your book a success.

If you want to stay up to date and get fresh perspectives on which new publishing trends would be beneficial to your book, contact us today!

Kristen & Maira


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