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The Power of Reviews and Professional Endorsements for Your Book

In the vast world of literature, standing out isn't just about

crafting captivating stories—it's about credibility.

The Power of Reviews and Endorsements

Whether you're a new or seasoned author, the importance of gathering reviews and professional endorsements for your book cannot be overstated. After all, a potential reader scrolling through your niche looking for a new book to read would be far more likely to purchase a book with many great reviews and multiple professional endorsements as compared to one with a couple of reviews and no endorsements.

In looking at book reviews, you have a variety of ways to encourage your audience to leave reviews for your book. Firstly, if you have built a presence on social media platforms, you can discuss your book and encourage those who read it to share their thoughts on the platforms from which they purchased it. Secondly, ask people you know, such as friends and colleagues, if they would like to receive an advance copy of your book to read and review. If you want to send advance reader copies to family members or close friends, keep in mind that Amazon generally removes those reviews. However, they can leave reviews on Goodreads, so encourage them to leave a review there.

Reviews provide insights into your book and your potential audience and help you see the value of your book. For example, if you write a book in the self-help niche and you begin getting reviews from a wide range of people with backgrounds in psychology or are practicing psychiatrists, you will see that your book resonates with those with prior experience with psychology. This is important because it allows you to tailor social media posts, Amazon ads, podcasts, or publications you want to appear on to target that specific niche further. You can also feature reviews on certain social media posts or make a section on your website for “what people are saying about your book” to highlight your community.

Like reviews, a professional endorsement serves as a form of social proof through a review of your book. However, unlike reviews, professional endorsements can carry significant weight as those providing those endorsements for your book are generally respected in your niche, trusted book reviewers, and/or other authors writing in your niche. Also, unlike regular reviews, you can enter professional endorsements through the KDP platform, meaning Amazon will not reject them if they are someone you might be close to. And, much like how you could feature reviews on your website or social media, professional endorsements make for great posts to feature on your various platforms.

Securing professional endorsements will require more elbow grease than general reviews. While you may know or be close with someone who could serve as a professional reviewer, most of the time, the professional endorsements you seek will be from people you don’t know or people who might be more well-known. Thus, you will need to send those you want to endorse your book a letter introducing yourself, explaining a bit about you and your book, why endorsing your book will benefit them, and when you will be releasing your book. Hence, they know when they need to submit their endorsement by. Then, you will want to send your endorsers advanced readers copies of your book so they can get a feel for your book, how it will be laid out, what the cover will look like, and, of course, so that they can read it.

Though seeking out reviews and professional endorsements can be time-consuming, the value they provide to your book and your credibility significantly outweighs the time spent getting those reviews. However, one thing to remember is that it can take time to get reviews, so be sure to remain patient and diligent.

If you are looking for help creating strategies for getting professional endorsements or need guidance on how you can encourage your readers to leave reviews, PRESStinely is here to help. Visit to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

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