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Preparing Your Books for the Holiday Rush

A Pre-Holiday 90-Day Author's Guide for Book Sales


The holiday season, with its need for Christmas presents and New Year's resolutions, is the busiest and most profitable time of the year for many authors. As the year comes to a close, people are on the lookout for books to give to others and to motivate them for the year ahead. To make the most of this opportunity, authors need a well-thought-out plan. Thus, we will discuss essential strategies and provide a detailed list of recommendations and tasks to help authors prepare for the holiday season in the next 90 days.

Month 1: Strategy and Planning

  • Set Clear Goals: Start by defining your objectives for the holiday season. Are you looking to increase sales, gain new readers, and/or get reviews? Having clear goals will guide your efforts.

  • Review Past Performance: Analyze your previous holiday seasons. What worked and what didn't? Identify successful strategies and areas that need improvement.

  • Create a Holiday Release Plan: If you have a new book in the pipeline, plan its release strategically. Ensure it's available well before Christmas so readers can purchase it as a gift.

  • Inventory Assessment: If you have physical copies of your books, assess your inventory. If necessary, order your author copies in advance to avoid running out of stock during the busy season.

Month 2: Marketing and Promotion

  • Holiday-themed Marketing Materials: Design holiday-themed graphics and promotional materials for your books and social media profiles. Make your online presence festive.

  • Endorsement requests: If you have a new book coming out, make sure you send out endorsement requests to your potential list of leads in advance.

  • Email Marketing: Prepare a series of holiday-themed email campaigns to engage your existing readers and subscribers. Offer extra chapters, spin-offs and exclusive deals or promotions to incentivize purchases.

  • Collaborations and Cross-Promotions: Reach out to other authors in your genre for potential collaborations and cross-promotions. Joint giveaways or bundles can expand your reach.

  • Improve the book's metadata: Optimize your book's keywords and ads for holiday-themed searches.

Month 3: Engaging Your Audience & Book Availability

  • Social Media Engagement: Increase your social media activity. Create engaging content related to your books, the holiday season, and New Year's resolutions.

  • Book Events and Signings: Plan online and in-person events, like book signings or Q&A sessions, to connect with your readers. Promote these events across all your platforms.

  • Holiday Merchandise: Consider offering holiday merchandise related to your books, like bookmarks, mugs, or holiday cards. These can make excellent add-on purchases.

  • Holiday Shipping Schedule: Communicate the holiday shipping schedule of your main retailers' websites. Set reasonable cut-off dates to ensure timely delivery.

  • Last-Minute Promotions: Offer last-minute promotions or discounts for procrastinating shoppers. Highlight the urgency of gift-giving deadlines.

  • Holiday-Themed Content: Share holiday-themed content, such as short stories, recipes, or book-related activities, to keep your audience engaged.

After Christmas: New Year, New Reads

  • Promote New Year's Resolution Themes: Shift your marketing focus to New Year's resolutions. Highlight how your books can inspire and guide readers toward their goals.

  • Post-Holiday Sales: Continue running sales and promotions into the New Year to capture those making resolutions.

  • Thank You Messages: Show appreciation to your readers for their holiday support. A heartfelt thank-you message can go a long way.

The holiday season is a golden opportunity for authors to boost book sales and connect with readers. By following this 90-day plan, you can strategically prepare your books and marketing efforts to make the most of this busy time of year. Remember to set clear goals, engage with your audience, and spread holiday cheer in your book promotions. With careful planning and execution, you can enjoy a prosperous holiday season and set the stage for a successful New Year ahead.

Please visit and schedule a complimentary discovery call if you need guidance through the holiday season planning process.

Kristen & Maira


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